How to properly clean and maintain reflective vest vest?


Vest cleaning/maintenance Instructions

Usually we see reflective vest is mainly used in outdoor sports, fire, sanitation, labor protection, shipping, road, construction, rescue and other scenes, these outdoor environment reflective vest is very easy to stain, but a stain on the replacement of the cost is too large, so generally after cleaning and maintenance, but reflective vest should be how to correctly clean and maintenance? Today, Science reflection Xiaobian to discuss with you.

Vest cleaning/maintenance Instructions:

The highest cleaning temperature for reflective vests is 40°C (see the clothing label for maximum cleaning times) to reduce mechanical operations and gradually lower the cleaning temperature (cooling) to reduce rotational dehydration. Chlorine bleach is prohibited. The highest temperature on the underside of an iron is 110°C; steam ironing can cause damage to clothes. No dry cleaning, no solvent decontamination. Roller drying is prohibited. Do not use strong alkaline stain remover, washing solvent or emulsion, or bleach.

Reflective vest storage instructions: Keep in the original package, avoid light and tide.

Reflective vest performance: Hongli reflective vest meets the requirements of national standard GB20653 instruction, safe, harmless, comfortable to wear, waterproof, breathable, good flexibility, reflective grade 2.

Reflective vest forbidden instructions: before wearing, check to ensure that the clothes are not worn dirty or worn out, otherwise the performance will be affected. Check to make sure that the gray reflective stripes are on the outside of the vest and that the shoulder straps are on the front of the vest to ensure that the stripes remain in place during use. This vest is obvious and attracts attention. Make sure your waistcoat is fastened at all times. It is prohibited to wear waistcoats in circumstances other than those specified above. (This vest does not contain any substances that may cause allergic reactions in sensitive people).

Vest cleaning